Delaware Road There are two legal entities:

Flecksun Ltd was incorporated in 1989 to purchase the freehold of the estate. The company’s primary source of income is ground rent received from leaseholders. 999 year leases were granted to the majority of flats in 1977

Delaware Mansions Ltd (DML) was incorporated in 1979 to manage the estate on behalf of leaseholders. DML collects service charge from leaseholders to maintain the estate on a daily basis and ensure the upkeep of the block through a cyclical programme of renovation and refurbishment. Each lease comes with a single share in DML

The officers of both companies are the same and to be eligible for the Boards of Directors an individual must be a shareholder in DML. Current board members are:

  • Chairman: George Gros
  • Directors: Rustom Irani, Andrew Coghlan, Karen Wild, Peter Yeates